Natural Soap Making Classes

Collection: About Our Soap Making Classes

Have you ever wondered how to make your own soap? Are you looking for a natural, sustainable alternative to commercial soaps that contain synthetic fragrances and colorants? Join us in our Longmont studio for a beginning or intermediate soap making class to learn the techniques of crafting natural, eco-friendly bar soap.

Our class sessions are for people 16 years and older because students will handle sodium hydroxide (lye). 

We offer Beginner and Intermediate classes. 

In our classes, you will learn the age-old tradition of cold-process soap making. Our method uses only palm-free recipes, and you'll get to experience four variations of a vegan soap recipe made in class, each without synthetic fragrances. 

Classes are taught by Soap Maker Valorie Ziegler, who has over 20 years of soap making experience. Each class will be held in-person at the St. Vrain Soap Company studio in downtown Longmont, Colorado. Our soap making classes are taught as a hands-on experience where you will mix the batter, add essential oils and natural colorants, pour the batter into a mold, and decorate the soap. Each student will make a loaf of soap in one of three scents, and Valorie will provide a demonstration of an additional soap variety including each of the steps for measuring and mixing each component along the way. These classes are great to provide an introduction to soap making principles, or  guide you in intermediate techniques that provide a foundation of learning for you to make your own soap at home.

You will learn:

  • Safe handling of sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • How to make cold process soap from scratch
  • How to design, cure and store your soap
  • Benefits of palm-free and plant-based oils in soap making
  • Benefits of essential oils and natural additives

You will receive the following as part of your experience:

  • 10 bars of handcrafted soap to take home (over $75 retail value) in four scents
  • Printed and downloadable materials with detailed, step by step soap making instructions
  • A luxurious, triple-butter soap recipe with four variations in scent and color
  • Optional add-on starter kit ($70 retail value)
  • 20% off any product purchases in-store that day

We teach two Saturdays per month, or you can contact us to request a private event on a Saturday Afternoon. Plan to arrive about 10 minutes ahead of the the scheduled class start because we will begin on-time! Each class is approximately 2 hours.

The Fine Print: 

  • Please wear close-toed shoes, long pants, and a shirt with long sleeves. this is for your safety while mixing and pouring soap. We have aprons you can use, but we don't have spare clothing. Please come to class prepared and ready to participate!
  • Do not come to class if you are feeling unwell. If you are ill, please contact us at 720-383-4556 as soon as possible so we can try to reschedule your class for another date. 
  • Participants who need to cancel need to do so more than 48 hours in advance for a full refund. Late cancellations will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee. 
  • No shows will not receive a refund, so be sure you can make it to your class as scheduled!
  • Each class session is limited to 6 students. Please register early to reserve your space. 
  • If fewer than 2 people are registered, a class session may be rescheduled or cancelled. We will let you know 24 hours in advance if a class cannot be held. 


Should I take a beginner or intermediate class?
We recommend our Natural Soap Making Class for Beginners to anyone who is new to soap making. This ensures you get the full overview of both the history and chemistry of soap making, as well as a hands-on experience with basic techniques where you're sure to be successful. You may choose to take our intermediate class as a beginner, but the experience may be more difficult or frustrating if you haven't already made soap in the past. We want this to be a positive experience, so if you're in doubt, take the beginner's class first!

Can I host a soap making party?
We encourage group learning! While we love having partners or small groups participate, please remember that our space is set up for soap manufacturing. As such, any groups attending should plan food and beverage celebrations at one of our nearby local restaurants. Please don't bring food and drink (other than a closed water bottle) to class.

Can I make natural soap without using lye?
Natural soap must be made with lye. Soap is the result of a chemical reaction between fats (oils and/or butters) and a very strong alkali, in this case lye (NaOH – sodium hydroxide). You need the lye to break down the molecules of the oils and butters and convert them to soap. 

Do you have other skincare classes?
We currently only offer soap making classes. We'll let you know if we add any additional hand-crafted skincare classes in the future.

Can I bring and use my own supplies?
We provide everything you need for this class - including ingredients, tools, and supplies. While we can't wait to see what you make on your own after attending our class, only the provided supplies should be used in this class to ensure the safety, quality, and freshness of the first soap you make. 

Will this class help me start a soap business?
This class is set up for a hobby soap maker and only provides instruction on beginning soap making techniques. Teaching all of the things involved in starting a business (licensing, registration, insurance & liability, finances, marketing, buying wholesale, bulk manufacturing, etc.) is way more than can be taught in the scope of a two-hour class. If you're looking to start a business, ask us about resources that can help you get a great start. 

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